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      [745] Amherst to Gage, 28 July, 1 Aug., 14 Aug., 11 Sept. 1759. Diary of Sir William Johnson, in Stone, Life of Johnson, II. 394-429.V1 The best of them were commonly employed on Lake George; and nothing can surpass the adventurous hardihood of their lives. Summer and winter, day and night, were alike to them. Embarked in whaleboats or birch-canoes, they glided under the silent moon or in the languid glare of a breathless August day, when islands floated in dreamy haze, and the hot air was thick with odors of the pine; or in the bright October, when the jay screamed from the woods, squirrels gathered their winter hoard, and congregated blackbirds chattered farewell to their summer haunts; when gay mountains basked in light, maples dropped leaves of rustling gold, sumachs glowed like rubies under the dark green of the unchanging spruce, and mossed rocks with all their painted plumage lay double in the watery mirror: that festal evening of the year, when jocund Nature disrobes herself, to wake again refreshed in the joy of her undying spring. Or, in the tomb-like silence of the winter forest, with breath frozen on his beard, the ranger strode on snow-shoes over the spotless drifts; and, like Dürer's knight, a ghastly death stalked ever at his side. There were those among them for whom this stern life had a fascination that made all other existence tame.

      Though it was still bright out-of-doors the dining-table was lighted by a red-shaded swinging lamp. To be sure the shade was only of paper, but it made none the less a cheerful glow. When Counsell came into the room his good manners failed him; he stopped short and stared at Pen in silence. Pen could not look at him. She said to herself: "He's amused at my silliness; dressing up in these old rags!"The Critic. "Well laid on, and too well for his hearers to believe him. Far from agreeing that all these virtues were collected in the person of his pretended hero, they would find it very hard to admit that he had even one of them." [7]

      To Crozat was granted a monopoly of the trade, wholesale and retail, domestic and foreign, of all these countries, besides the product of all mines, after deducting one-fourth reserved for the King. He was empowered to send one vessel a year to Guinea for a cargo of slaves. The King was to pay the governor and other Crown officers, and during the first nine years the troops also; though after that time Crozat was to maintain them till the end of his term.

      named Ackerly, a dough-faced, deadly, unintermittently stupid girl,

      [308] Wraxall to Lieutenant-Governor Delancey, 10 Sept. 1755. Wraxall was Johnson's aide-de-camp and secretary. The Second Letter to a Friend says twenty-one hundred whites and two hundred or three hundred Indians. Blodget, who was also on the spot, sets the whites at two thousand.

      State of that Colony ? The Abenakis ? Acadia and New England ? Pirates ? Baron de Saint-Castin ? Pentegoet ? The English Frontier ? The French and the Abenakis ? Plan of the War ? Capture of York ? Villebon ? Grand War-party ? Attack of Wells ? Pemaquid rebuilt ? John Nelson ? A Broken Treaty ? Villieu and Thury ? Another War-party ? Massacre at Oyster River.


      This dormitory, owing to its age and ivy-covered walls, is fullso philosophical of late, that she wishes to discourse largely


      Dinwiddie and Washington ? Brigadier Forbes ? His Army ? Conflicting Views ? Difficulties ? Illness of Forbes ? His Sufferings ? His Fortitude ? His Difference with Washington ? Sir John Sinclair ? Troublesome Allies ? Scouting Parties ? Boasts of Vaudreuil ? Forbes and the Indians ? Mission of Christian Frederic Post ? Council of Peace ? Second Mission of Post ? Defeat of Grant ? Distress of Forbes ? Dark Prospects ? Advance of the Army ? Capture of the French Fort ? The Slain of Braddock's Field ? Death of Forbes.


      1755, 1756.