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      During the afternoon an automobile with a broken spring managed to win through by the road. It brought a load of New York reporters. These in asking their way had spread the news along the Neck, and the poor whites who lived there hidden in the woods began to straggle in in ox-carts, to share in the excitement. Schweitzer-ksse und pret-zels,

      "We'd better go off a good ways," said Si, "so's the boys won't see us.""You see," said Doctor Hance. "It is just as I told you. Everything is all right."

      "Oh, the newspapers!" cried Pen. "They poison our lives!""Well, my hearing's good."

      In the end Delehanty stamped down-stairs in a villainous temper, his soft-footed sleuths at his heels.

      "If you'll wait a moment I'll get it for you," said Pen.

      prizner, too, and the Kurnal says to me bully fer you,


      And the home of the brave."


      Riever smiled in a superior sort of way. "You're stronger than most women," he said with a sneer. "But you can't let go of your religious tags. I suppose it's too much to expect."


      The detective clattered down the uncarpeted stairs, and Pen opened her door a crack. She heard her father coming up, and from a certain lightness in his step guessed that he was bringing what he considered to be good news.