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      "The tall feller's alive, too," said Wat.That evening the Provost-Marshal came into Headquarters, and said:

      "Think o' a man sayin' grub to a lady," said Groundhog, in a tone of deep disgust. "Awful coarse. A gentleman allers says 'peck,' or 'hash,' or Vittels,' when he's speakin' to a lady, or before ladies. I licked a man onct for sayin' 'gizzard-linen' before my mother, and gizzard-linin' aint half as coarse as grub. But he gits softer'n mush as he goes on. Listen:

      Lieut. Bowersox came in with a telegram in his hand.

      "Hello, 'Squire," he shouted joyously. "Is that you? Where are the boys?" And he rushed forward with outstretched hand.

      promoting you Sergeant and Shorty Corporal, for gallant and

      "Load as fast as you can, boys," commanded the Lieutenant. "That was a good one. Give them an other."


      The boys hastily conferred together as to the plan of operations, and one man was hurried back to inform Lieut. Bigelow of the presence of the other squad.


      The woman scowled with disappointment. But she wisely concluded that she h'd better be content with the compromise, remounted her horse and disappeared down the road.