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      "Yes, and if it hadn't bin for him you'd 'a' lost us, durn it," ejaculated little Pete Skidmore.

      Then he stooped and kissed her quite roughly on the neck, close to the nape.There was no denying it. Boarzell had beaten Reuben in this their first battle. That coarse, shaggy, unfruitful land had refused to submit to husbandry. Backfield had not yet taken Leviathan as his servant. His defeat stimulated local wit.

      He hastily scratched off the following note on a piece of wrapping paper, folded it up, and sent secretly one of his boys on a run with it:

      Peter had run off and shed hurd hed joined the 200th IndianaMRS. G.: They're being forced, Gwen dear. Absolutely forced to work.

      Cadnan tried to shout: "We must run! In the dark the masters cannot see"

      "I see through it all," Shorty communed with himself. "They're goin' to the same place that we are, and've got them carpet-bags filled with revolvers and cartridges. Somebody's goin' to have a little surprise party before he's a day older.""Why, Sargint," said Harry Joslyn, speaking as if confident of being engaged in a praisworthy work, which should receive the commendation of his superiors, "these're two spies and guerrillas that we ketched right in the act, and we're searchin' 'em for evidence to hang 'em."



      "Small beings make it," Dara corrected him. "There are such small beings, not slaves and not masters. They have no speech but they make sound."


      "Right," Albin said. "You are right. You are absolutely, incredibly, stunningly right. And to prove how right you are I'm going to do you a favor."