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      No? she said, much interested by this new specimen of humanity. Where do you come from?How do you spell it?

      You mean that you do not care for me? he asked, almost humbly.

      Trafford smiled. I dont know anything about it for the same reason, he said; but I should like to see her before we go to the church. Im anxious for her to know my best friend.But they cant all be in love with him! said Esmeralda, after a moments consideration of this startling assertion.

      She was the daughter of a Scotch peer, as poor as he was proudand to those who can boast acquaintance with Scotch peers this will say a great deal.


      Lady Wyndover stared at him open-eyed.Trafford had wandered about in a Heaven-forsaken way from his rooms to the club, and through the park, just missing Norman by a minute or two; possessed by that restlessness which insomnia by night and brooding over his troubles by day had superinduced. If the porter had been in when Trafford wandered into the club on the second occasion, he would have heard of Normans call and inquiry for him, and the two men would have met, explanations would have ensued, and some portion of the awful load would have been lifted from Traffords mind. But the porter had gone out to meet[263] the young woman to whom he was engaged, and had not transferred Normans message to the footman.



      And theyve got the mail, said one, with an oath