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      Esmeralda had forgotten all about Trafford and Ada on the terrace, and was not aware that they had both been witnessing her interview with Norman, though they were too far off to hear a word. Trafford had watched the animated little scene with gloomy eyes, and Ada with a significant smile; he went down the steps as Esmeralda approached the terrace with her swift, light step. He saw that she was flushed, and that there was something like tears in her eyes. He looked from her to Norman, who still stood, a nice study for a statue of Perplexity.They had left the window. The hostess lifted her hand toward a bell-cord but the visitor stayed it, absently staring while letting herself be pressed toward the door, thrilled with a longing as wild as Anna's and for the same sight, yet cunningly pondering. Nay, waiting, rather, on instinct, which the next instant told her that Anna would inevitably go herself, no matter who stayed.

      I havent the least notion what a claim is, or what it is worth, but I willingly accept Mr. Howards estimate, and in the words of a well-known character, I have only to say; Take her and be happy. I shall want this hand again, my dear fellow, he added, wincing under Normans terrific grasp. And I think, Mr. Howard, that I will show you the fernery another time. Well go out on the terrace where, I trust, lovers will cease from troubling, and we two bachelors can be at rest.The Gascon stayed with a lively purpose which the enfeebled Gibbs was the first to see. "Stand back, you hell-hound!" cried the latter, and with fresh oaths bade Greenleaf "keep him off!"

      "Yes."Lady Wyndover got her things on and waited for the answer to her telegram. It came speedily; for telegrams from people in high place run swiftly.

      "Yes, I hear it, a horse."Have you been looking for her? he asked, pacing up and down.

      How sweet she had looked, how exquisite, in her beautiful dress, with the diamonds which she wore so unconsciously! Any man might be proud of hernot only love her, but be proud of her. And he had lost her! Well, it served him right. For the first time in his life he had played a base part, and he was deservedly punished. Rather than deceive this girl who loved him, he should have let Belfayre, twenty Belfayres, go to the devil.Anna Callender. In the midst of the gay skirmish and while she yielded Greenleaf her chief attention, Hilary observed her anew.


      What do you mean to do? he asked.


      Yes, that will be best, he repeated, dully, and looking beyond her.Esmeralda understood. It had only been since her marriage that the scheme had become possible.


      But Esmeralda had descended low enough.Would you be able to sleep if you were in my place? she asked.