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      "Section," repeated each chief of section, "right wheel--"

      Trafford forced himself to eat and drink, then went back to the bedside.

      She knew what the horse wanteda sharp little cut between the ears, and a downward tug of the snaffleand she waited for these to be administered. But the lady, though she looked so exquisite in her well-fitting habit, did not seem to know what was required, and the horse, master of the situation, took advantage, and rose again.

      "At present, you mean?"

      Esmeralda stood like a lay figure while the rest of the dresses were tried on, and Lady Wyndover, with a deep sigh, declared herself satisfied.


      Lady Wyndover uttered a cry of delight, and sprung to her feet.


      How do you do, Miss Chetwynde? she said. It is very good of Lady Wyndover to bring you to me before any one else!


      The man growled and looked at Varley appealingly.