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      Trafford nodded.

      Why, Norman! he cried. Is it really you? My dear fellow, I am glad to see you.

      Esmeralda looked at him with a puzzled frown. She was trying hard to understand.

      The clock on the mantelpiece struck six, and the old eight-day clock in the hall followed like a solemn echo. Captain Hulbert started up. "So late! Why, we have been talking for nearly two hours!" he exclaimed, "and I have a budget of letters to write for the night mail. Good-bye, darlingor I'll say au revoir, for I'll walk down again after dinner, and get half an hour's chat with Disney, if you don't think it will be too late for me to see him."Esmeralda munched her cake with her white, even teeth, and looked thoughtfully at the fire. Although she had left Three Star only so short a time ago, she had begun to understand why Varley Howard had advised her not to be too communicative about him and her past life; and, although she was ashamed neither of him nor it, she shrunk from speaking of him to this dainty lady, who would, no doubt, regard him unfavorably.

      "Do you know that you nearly made me break a tea-cupone of mother's dear old Worcester tea-cups? I should never have forgiven you."




      I suppose most girls would not mind. But I expect Im different, having been brought up differently, andand I cant bear it.