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      Dearly as he loved that home river, and those fertile hills, and beautiful as they were after their kind, they could but seem small and tame to eyes that had looked upon the glories of the East. Disney contemplated the scene with a touch of sad surprise, wondering at this miniature loveliness; recalling the day when those steep hillsides, where the red cattle were grazing in the mists of eventide, had seemed grand in his sight. Now they had a kind of pitiful prettiness. His heart yearned towards them with compassion for their insignificance.Yes; oh, yes! Lady Blankyres parties are always successful. Does that cigarette suit you, or will you have a Turkish?

      Trafford looked straight before him. He could not say to her that her two millions made up for lack of rank and position.

      Lord Selvaine leaned back and sipped his whisky and soda, and smoked delicately.


      "About four.""Whom?" asked Carice, with a little wonder;her mother had been so careful to spare her all intrusion, during these trying days.


      Ill send up word to her, my lord, he said, as he showed the two gentlemen into the drawing-room.I dont understand, said Trafford. He looked at Esmeralda, and waited. Where did you meet?


      "Thursday, ma'am. You have been away ten days," the old servant answered coldly.