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      In the course of the following year Reuben had news of all his absent sons, except Benjamin, who was never heard of again.One thing he noticed, and that was that the housework was always done for him by his mother as if there were no sickness to fill her time. Always when he came home of an evening, his supper was waiting for him, hot and savoury. He breakfasted whenever he had a mind, and there were slices of cold pie or dabs of bread and meat for him to take out and eat as he workedhe had no time to come home to dinner now. Really his mother was tumbling to things wonderfully wellshe looked a little tired sometimes, it is true, and the lines of her face were growing thinner, but she was saving him seven shillings a month and the girl's food; and all that money and food was feeding the hungry earth.

      "Yesand I'm coming wud you, surelye."

      Then he went back and arranged his things so that he could lay his hands unfailingly on them in the darkness of the morning, straightened little Pete out so that he would lie easier, and crawled in beside him.

      O why when we kissed 'mid the ewes on the hanger,

      "You say this prisoner was promoted for capturing a rebel flag at Chickamauga?" asked Maj. Truax, who was perfectly aware of the fact, but wanted to emphasize it upon the others.

      The rebel looked on wonderingly.

      "But you'll never leave me at the time of the hay-harvest, and Emily due to calve in another month?"



      The boys leaned on their muskets and watched the awful spectacle with dazed eyes. It seemed far more terrible even than the ordeal through which they had just been.


      That blow must be delivered, as We have been advised by Our Councillors. It shall be delivered.She had slid back to his knee, and the weight and warmth of her comforted him a little. He lifted his head quickly at her words.