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      and you pat them on the head and take yourselves off! Did youThe German authorities have indeed made inquiries about the matter; I shall deal with that in the next chapter.


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      "According to Clause 90 of the German Penal Code, sentence of penal servitude for life will be pronounced against those:KOHAT

      2. The connection between the hammer drop and valve cannot be positive, but must be broken during the descent of the drop.

      When I was eating a little at one of the hotels near the railway station, I was offered the newspaper l'Ami de l'Ordre, which had appeared again for the first time on that day, September 7th, under the Censorship of the German authorities. For curiosity's sake I translate here the first leaderette, published under the rule of the new masters:There were three kinds of strain mentionedtorsional, deflective, and accidental. To meet these several strains the same means have to be provided, which is a sufficient size and strength to resist them; hence it is useless to consider each of these different strains separately. If we know which of the three is greatest, and provide for that, the rest, of course, may be disregarded. This, in practice, is found to be accidental strains to which shafts are in ordinary use subjected, and they are usually made, in point of strength, far in excess of any standard that would be fixed by either torsional or transverse strain due to the regular duty performed.


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