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      In the intervals of the council, Brbeuf 118 discoursed to the crowd of chiefs on the wonders of the visible heavens,the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets. They were inclined to believe what he told them; for he had lately, to their great amazement, accurately predicted an eclipse. From the fires above he passed to the fires beneath, till the listeners stood aghast at his hideous pictures of the flames of perdition,the only species of Christian instruction which produced any perceptible effect on this unpromising auditory.

      ** Some imputations against him, not of much weight, are,See! she said as she replaced it in the basket, the spirit is departing again.... But know one thing, girl; you must do what the baetylus advised; the Unknown do not give their counsel in vain.

      Lycon did not speak a word to the slaves, but as he turned slowly with Simonides to go back to the dwelling by the same path, he said as though continuing an interrupted conversation:

      [236] Procs Verbal de la Prise de Possession du Pays des Arkansas, 14 Mars, 1682. * See the correspondence in N. Y. Col. Docs. III. 118-156.

      More than twenty editions of Hennepin's travels appeared, in French, English, Dutch, German, Italian, and Spanish. Most of them include the mendacious narrative of the pretended descent of the Mississippi. For a list of them, see Hist. Mag., i. 346; ii. 24.

      * Ibid. Lettre ( son Frre?), 4 Nov., 1660. The originals

      The united parties soon after reached Montreal; but the Hurons refused to remain in a spot so exposed to the Iroquois. Accordingly, they all descended the St. Lawrence, and at length, on the twenty-eighth of July, reached Quebec. Here the Ursulines, the hospital nuns, and the inhabitants taxed their resources to the utmost to provide food and shelter for the exiled Hurons. Their good will exceeded their power; for food was scarce at Quebec, and the Jesuits themselves had to bear the chief burden of keeping the sufferers alive. [7]


      [3] The above particulars of Garnier's death rest on the evidence of a Christian Huron woman, named Marthe, who saw him shot down, and also saw his attempt to reach the dying Indian. She was herself struck down immediately after with a war-club, but remained alive, and escaped in the confusion. She died three months later, at Isle St. Joseph, from the effects of the injuries she had received, after reaffirming the truth of her story to Ragueneau, who was with her, and who questioned her on the subject. (Mmoires touchant la Mort et les Vertus des Pres Garnier, etc., MS.). Ragueneau also speaks of her in Relation des Hurons, 1650, 9.The priests Grelon and Garreau found the body stripped naked, with three gunshot wounds in the abdomen and thigh, and two deep hatchet wounds in the head.The colony could not increase. The company of merchants, though pledged to promote its growth, did what they could to prevent it. They were fur-traders, and the interests of the fur-trade are always opposed to those of settlement and population. They feared, too, and with reason, that their monopoly might be suddenly revoked, like that of De Monts, and they thought only of making profit from it while it lasted. They had no permanent stake in the country; nor had the men in their employ, who formed nearly all the scanty population of Canada. Few, if any, of these had brought wives to the colony, and none of them thought of cultivating the soil. They formed a floating population, kept from starving by yearly supplies from France.


      de la Chrtient Lettre au 7 Oct., 1665.


      better to send a few who were good Christians, rather thanA young slave with a bright face entered and, folding her arms across her breast, bowed before him.