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      Im delighted to hear it! said Mr. Pinchook, mopping his forehead. And Ierreally think the sooner we start the better. Thiserrough place is not a fit place for Miss Chetwynde.

      Traffords not at all like that, he said; and there is not a bit of conceit or vanity about him. I dont think he knows hes good-looking, or that most of the women are madly in love with him. Hes not that sort of fellow. Hes grave and quiet. Poor old Trafford!

      Trafford extended his hand half imploringly, half defiantly.She left them, and presently they heard another step descending the stairs. The door opened, and Esmeralda entered. She had her bridal dress on, but not the veil, and she had hastily caught up a white wrap and thrown it around her. She had not been startled at hearing that Trafford was there, and had come down with that soft light in her eyes which always shone in them when she came to meet him; but it fled as her eyes rested upon Norman, and in its place there rose a swift look of surprise and terror. Her face went white as the bridal dress, and with a cry she shrunk back.

      I have brought good news, said Trafford. The crisis is past; she is better.

      Then he dashed forward, and snatching one of the huge coach-lamps from its socket, held it above his head and peered up in the darkness.



      Mr. Helby, much moved, and showing it, looked hard at the table for a moment or two; then he glanced at Lord Selvaine, who was leaning back in an arm-chair, with half-closed eyes, and his arms behind his head.


      The simple words tortured him more keenly than anything she had as yet said.Not very well, he said. But we look upon it as a kind of model and example to the farmers on the estate.