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      Three Star? asked Trafford.One from her married sister in Hans Place. That would keep. One from an old schoolfellow. That would keep. And onethe long-looked-for Indian letter, which she tore open eagerly, and read hurriedly, devouring the close lines,[Pg 2] in the neat, black penmanship, with its decided up and down strokes, and legible characters, so firm, so strong, so straightforward, like the nature of the man who wrote the letter.

      What delusion? he asked.

      I think Ive got a bullet in my leg, he said. The fact is, he continued, modestly, I got into a little row at Dogs Ear Camp, and just as I was riding off a fellow fired and hit me in the leg. I scarcely noticed it at the time; but just now I felt faint, and tumbled off my horse.

      "God bless you, darling! I will never speak of doubt again. You are my own sweet wife, and shall be honoured and trusted to the end of my days. Thank God, the cloud is past, and we can be happy again!"

      "Then for your sake, Allegra, I'm glad we said yes. Only I couldn't stand that fellow patronizing you. Calling you a fine girl, forsooth!"No, dont, please, she said, quite simply; Ive too many already. It takes Lady Wyndover and me half an hour to decide which Im to wear. As if it mattered!


      To all his interrogations her answer had been the same. She was not unhappy. She had everything in life that she desired. There was nothing that he could give her, no possible change in their existence which could add to her content. All this should mean domestic peace, a heart at ease; yet all this was unsatisfying to Martin Disney; for his instinct told him that his wife was not happythat the element of gladness was, for some inscrutable reason, banished from her life.They went out of the broad spaces that were once populous with the teeming life of Imperial Rome, splendid with all that art could create of beauty and of grandeurwrapt[Pg 283] in the glamour of their dream. They walked all the way to the Piazza di Spagna in the same happy dream, as unconscious of the ground they trod on as if they had been floating in the air.



      It is almost as if you did, she said, shrewdly. They all look at you and speak to you as if you were a kind of prince. It must be rather nice to be like that."My own love, I shall think of you every day till we meet again."