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      That dimond o Esmeraldas is a-firing away to-night fine, Varley, he said, changing the subject discreetly. Reminds me of them eyes of hers. Blame me if they usednt to shine jes like that when she was in one of her tantrums.[199]

      Mandeville hurried to read out the news from Virginia, which could still reach them through besieged Atlanta. It was of the Petersburg mine and its slaughter, and thrilled every one. Yet Anna watched Bartleson open his yellow official envelope.

      A charming sight she was, even in that moment of public enthusiasm and spectacle, holding the wondering stare of her companion with a gayety that seemed ready to break into laughter. The dainty Madame went limp, and in words as slow and soft as her smile, sighed, "You are a genius!"

      A few days after the conversation between Periphas and Nomion in the cave on Mt. Hymettus one of these expeditions was made. After the recent victory there was two-fold mirth, and the party could be heard for a long distance amid the rural stillness of the country bordering the Ilissus. At the first sound of the notes of the flute and the merry voices something stirred in the bushes on the crag just below the fountain of Callirho?. Two sunburnt hands pushed the branches aside and a brown visage appeared, of which, however, little could be seen, as a goat-skin hood was drawn low over the brow. Periphasfor it was hesaw from his hiding-place the women approaching between a double row of men."Home again, home again from a foreign shore,"

      Then he asked Nomion to step on a block of stone, where he could be seen and heard by all.

      "Oh! do you think that would be fair?"



      Yes, I am glad, she said, casting a fearful glance toward the back of the man; but you have not gone off yet.


      He looked at his revolver, braced himself to the occasion, as the French say, and stood pale and erect. He knew what he intended to do: he would fire above Varleys head.