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      Look, he said, pointing to a bear-skin couch, you can rest here in safety; you must be weary. May the gods grant you pleasant dreamsin the morning everything will seem brighter.Hilary laughed: "You'll see. I fixed all that a week ago. Will you get the minister?"

      Hardly had this utterance thrilled round, however, when the speaker fell into an error which compelled Anna softly to interrupt, her amazed eyes and protesting smile causing a general hum of amusement and quickening of fans. "No-o!" she whispered to him, "she was not chairman of the L.S.C.A., but only one small secretary of that vast body, and chairman pro tem.--nothing more!--of this mere contingent of it, these 'Sisters of Kincaid's Battery.'"

      Varley said nothing. He felt that if Esmeralda were to die, it mattered little whose fault it was; the burden of her death would lie upon hisVarleyssoul forever.

      Oh, will you! says I to myself, and, as I didnt think their conversation elevatin, I crawls back to where the mare was tied and thinks things over a bit.

      Trafford! he exclaimed.


      "Charlie," she said, "you 'ave yo' fight. Me, I 'ave mine. Here is grandma. Ask her--if my fight--of every day--for you and her--and not yet finish'--would not eat the last red speck of courage out of yo' blood."


      She did not know how long she sat in the darkened room, but she felt at last that it must be very late, and, with a dazed feeling, she rose, and went upstairs. Trafford had not come in, she knew, for she had not heard him. Where was he? Had he changed his mind and left her?The sea-nymph Melite stronger than Zeus Hypsistos! You cannot believe that.


      She turned her head away from him, and he saw her lips quiver.