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      Howhow dare you come here? she said at last, her indignation at his presence, at his offer of his hand, overwhelming for the moment her anxiety respecting Esmeralda.

      Trafford leaned back and listened to her, and watched the play of her expressive countenance with a strange mixture of sensations. Her evident affection for her old home, her natural eloquencefor there was eloquence in her descriptioncharmed him, and only now and again was he repelled by some word or phrase which, though they were softened by the musical voice and innocence of the speaker, reminded him that she was a waif from the wilds. His manner toward her was gravely deferential and gentle, and that, on its side, had a charm for Esmeralda. Without knowing it she began to understand why Norman Druce had been so enthusiastic in his laudations of this cousin of his.The cook, though a woman, was an artist, and the dinner was a good one. A pretty maid waited, and waited well.

      I am sorry, said Varley in his most languid tones. I have something I want to say to her very badly. Do you know when she is coming back?

      I want to talk to you about the marriage settlements, said Mr. Pinchook.



      She is lovely! exclaimed Lord Selvaine, softly. And she is as charming as she is beautiful. Such innocence andand freshness! I declare to you that if I were a marrying man, and, say, a trifle of twenty years younger, I should be in love with her. By Jove! I am in love with her as it is!


      In the house his attention to her was just as constant and unobtrusive. He was always near her to answer her questionsand they were innumerableto fetch a book she had forgotten, to wrap her shawl round her when they went on the terrace after dinner. Every morning Barker brought her some choice flowers from the greenhouseFrom the marquis, miss! From even an ordinary man such attentions would have had some effect upon any girl; but coming from a man like Traffordhandsome as a Greek god, and surrounded by the glamour of his lofty rank and positiona man who was regarded by all the place as a kind of princelittle wonder that they affected a warm, tender-hearted girl fresh from the wilds of Australia!