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      Her long lashes swept her cheek, and she was silent for a moment or two, but as they passed through the lodge gates, she exclaimed again:

      Yes, continued Lord Selvaine, smoothly. I dare say there is something in it, but it would take a million, or thereabouts, to put it right. The question iswhere is that million to come from?

      I hear, he said, bitterly. But you are wrong. She deceived youallas she deceived me. She loved Norman Druceshe left Belfayre with him.You may do so, he said, as simply as she had spoken.

      Did you hear of the contretemps at the Dodsleys picnic? Dodsley is under the delusion that he can make a salad, you know, and he had brought all the ingredients with him in a small hamper. He mixed the thing behind a tree and brought it forward with an air of triumph, and the first man to taste it was the Bishop of Barnstaple, and he sprung up and said something like jam or lamb, and they had to give him brandy to bring him round.


      "But how did it go; was it--?"


      His face flushed slightly.


      Esmeralda laughed hysterically in his face.